Vertafore: Powering The Insurance Industry With Innovation And Technology

CIO Vendor Insurance as an industry is rapidly progressing and so is InsurTech in accommodating the incumbent advance- ments of the domain. In a span of over 50 years, Vertafore has come to establish itself as one of the foremost InsurTech leaders by modernizing and simplifying the otherwise complicated insurance distribution process. From judiciously improving client and insurance agency experiences with modern systems and technology, to increasing overall efficiency and profitability by unlocking the power of data, and streamlining essential workflows, the Denver-based firm has been serving the insurance industry as a whole, with its end-to-end solutions.

As a software solutions partner servicing end-to-end segments across insurance distribution channels, Vertafore in its prolific journey has acquired several outstanding companies offering top-tier InsurTech products to offer best-in-class industry solutions. The company understands the role technology plays in strengthening relationships; a keystone in the insurance industry and has been working towards transforming the industry with cutting-edge technology.

“I’m excited about our rapidly growing teams in India and the role we play in the development and services of Vertafore’s broad suite of products. We focus on all areas of what Vertafore has to offer and are driving innovation with new functions in data and insights and technology platforms. One of Vertafore’s differentiators is how well we place our customers’ success at the heart of every project we undertake – and I see that every day.

It’s a really exciting time to work in software in an industry that is beginning to take hold of what modern technology has to offer. We’re seeing that excitement with our existing customers and market interest. I’m proud to work at Vertafore and we see a bright future ahead of us with much product, business, and team growth expected in the next year and beyond.” states, Navneet Jhamb, General Manager, India.

At the core of Vertafore’s growth is innovative product solutions that are inherently connected; one such case is the one-of-a-kind industry app, InsurLink which enhances easy digital communications and connections between insurance agencies and their clients. This product has been very well received by the market and customers alike.

For large, mid, and small sized insurance agencies, more such agency management offerings called Sagitta, AMS360, and QQ Catalyst are in place.
As a InsurTech frontrunner, Vertafore seeks to connect different parts of the insurance distribution channel – with new offerings to support insurance business growth, including the new Commercial Submissions, Sircon for Carriers, and Retention Prediction Analytics.

Robust Customer Experience Mapping the Way
Owing to its five-decade unparalleled industry experience, today Vertafore is uniquely positioned in the market enabling and supporting a majority of the insurance players who almost cover the entire insurance sector in the United States – an industry that insures 72 million homes, 7 million small businesses, and 18,000 big businesses currently.

Playing one of its customer success case accounts is Hyland Insurance, whom the InsurTech giant serviced providing modern solutions with verified results. As immediate challenges were brought about by pandemic in 2020, Vertafore solutions helped Hyland to seamlessly transition to remote work, implemented paperless processes, and enabled automation and self-service offerings, which gave Hyland employees more time to spend with their customers. Vertafore’s partnership with Hyland extends to help them in fostering client engagement, driving productivity, and connecting proficiently to its carrier partners, which ultimately helps to grow their business.

At the core of Vertafore’s growth is innovative product solutions that are inherently connected

Upholding the pillar of stellar customer service, Vertafore has been building software and services for insurance businesses of all sizes across the US and Canada and upgrading the insurance industry again and again with simple and smarter solutions so that these companies in return can refine their own customer servicing and ensure a holistic experience for its end users.

Basis this direct co-relation of modernized effortless solutions, increased productivity, and resulting in superior end-customer experience, the InsurTech sector witnessed around over USD 6 billion worth of investments last year alone, and Vertafore being an industry veteran, will continue to be a key contributor in this rapidly expanding domain.